Getting to innovation.

Innovation isn’t limited to Silicon Valley companies. Most organizations today are striving for it, whether in business, education, healthcare, the arts or some other field. But the majority don’t have a plan to create innovation or innovative ideas; indeed, many seem to believe it’s just something they'll get lucky with if they work harder and longer, or spend more money. 

We don’t believe in a strike-it-rich approach. It is absolutely possible for any organization to create an environment that fosters innovation every day, as part of its DNA. 

Innovation starts with imagination.

Imagination is the start of the process and the most important. By developing a healthy imagination, you can get to creativity and then, innovation.

We call this the Imagination, Creativity and Innovation (ICI) Index: Imagination comes first, followed by imagination applied, or, creativity, which then leads to novel creativity, that is to say, innovation. Whenever there are public conversations about these topics, most people focus on the final phase of the ICI Index without realizing that innovation isn’t a starting point.

How can we work together?

We’re not brought in to teach imaginative theory. We use ICI principles in either designing new structures or helping to realign organizational systems and practices. When organizations can implement strategies based on this set of values, they create an environment of imagination and creativity that lead to an innovation culture.

Once your organization has a new framework, we’ll help you develop ways to communicate it internally, to foster culture change that works, and externally, to help capture new opportunities.