Open Medicine Institute (OMI): Education, chronic illness & precision medicine


The goal of OMI is to improve healthcare through refined data research.


OMI needs to create ways to collaborate within the medical community and with patients/patient groups to obtain the necessary data that makes analytics significant. But the medical community faces legal, moral and business roadblocks when it comes to sharing information.

Actions required:

1.     Reimagine OMI’s systems to help it realize its ambitious goals.

2.     Streamline its operations by reshaping its business model.

3.     Create an innovative public/private partnership through for-profit/non-profit structures.


We created OpenMed Access (OMA), a new non-profit organization dedicated to precision in medicine, education and science. OpenMed Access is facilitating new modes of networking, funding, research, advocacy and education around the areas of invisible illness to further the work being pioneered in this cutting-edge field of practice.

This project is currently developing.