National Museum of Women in the Arts (NMWA):

The only major museum in the world solely dedicated to recognizing the creative contributions of women. 

The mission of the museum is to bring recognition to the achievements of women artists of all periods and nationalities by exhibiting, preserving, acquiring and researching art by women and by teaching the public about their accomplishments.


Review the power of women and the arts as catalysts for social change, and create public programming that would expand the museum’s mission into the world (that is, outside of the cultural industry and community.) 

Because the conversation previously had been about the imbalance in showcasing women’s art, this new focus was meant to expand the dialogue on what it means to be champions of women through the arts.

Actions needed:

Create a civic dialogue series to engage further interest and support of women artists through not just gender imbalance but through social change.


1. Fresh Talks: A series of curated conversations with leading innovators and thought leaders from a range of disciplines who discussed cause-driven topics that were relevant to diverse audiences.

2. Cultural Capital: Partnerships with leading D.C.-area organizations connecting the museum with new audiences for programs with cause-driven focus.