World Peace Orchestra (WPO)

World Peace Orchestra: A non-profit organization with the goal of assisting each youth involved to better harness his/her capacity for creative social action through the universal language of music.



The World Peace Orchestra needed a comprehensive operational structure, connections to New York City professionals, and a world-class venue to realize their goals. 


Actions required:

  1. Organize the orchestra’s business model and operational structure
  2. Create/further develop the board
  3. Introduce social good concepts and actions
  4. Connect to NYC-based artists as collaborators, teachers and performers
  5. Acquire and oversee a final, public performance venue


The World Peace Orchestra held its first public performance by international youth musicians in September 2013. With multiple components to organize and execute, Scott was able to realign the orchestra board's decision-making structure, design and manage the budget, and connect orchestra members with working professionals in New York who could further their education and skills. 

Scott’s leadership and creative solutions enabled the orchestra to move from concept phase to a working, international orchestra that fully implemented its social good cause.