An international, U.K.-based charitable organization that provides online fundraising, donation and payroll giving facilities and banking, cash and wealth management services.

Giveall2Charity’s main goals are to support the education of disadvantaged people throughout the world, and assist the non-profit sector by introducing technology that will reduce the cost of fundraising while creating efficiencies and helping to generate more revenue (via its Giveall platform).


Create awareness of the Giveall2Charity message and a United States-based branch of the charity to further develop their goals throughout North America.

Actions needed:

  1. Create a formal U.S.-based entity.
  2. Connect with a North America-based bank that has a U.S. presence.
  3. Work with Giveall2Charity senior executive to streamline messaging for the North American audience.
  4. Develop fundraising client base to use the workplace giving platform.



Scott established the non-profit Giveall Foundation in April 2014 as the North American branch of Giveall2Charity. Bank connection negotiations are ongoing and leading organizations have been enlisted to use the workplace giving platform with employees based around the world. Scott is currently on the board and acts as the Giveall Foundation executive director.

This project is currently developing.