Porto Photo Festival

The inaugural year of the first photography festival and workshops in Portugal brought in some of the top instructors in photography education to present unique content not offered anywhere else.

Porto Photo Festival (PPF) was created by photographer Anna Gunn to bring top tier photography instruction to the World Heritage Site of Porto, Portugal. Visit the PPF website.


Create awareness of the festival, drive traffic to the website, and help differentiate the festival from others held around Europe and the world. 

Actions needed:

  1. Create brand voice and messaging for advertising and web copy.
  2. Provide media training for earned media opportunities.
  3. Assist with concepts for differentiating PPF from other workshops.



Porto Photography Festival was launched in September 2017. This brand-new festival found its voice in a crowded marketplace as Diana was able to identify and tell the story of the festival to its targeted audience, allowing photographers around the world to engage and feel connected to this project. Scott provided valuable ideas and structure for adding an open forum/public discussion around imagination in Portugal’s education system. This became both a festival differentiator and a valuable addition to much-needed public conversation on a local level. 

From Anna: "Diana's creativity and ability not just to write world class content but to provide templates allows the future development and structure [PPF] needs to ensure the credibility and voice of this festival. [Her work] allowed us to be heard by sponsors, partner organizations, and the world's media outlets, ensuring that our first festival had the world’s attention straight out of the gate."

We are looking forward to working with Anna and her team on the next festival.