Scott (formerly Noppe-Brandon) is known internationally as a speaker and systems designer on the role of imagination, creativity and  innovation in commerce, culture and education. His work is credited with making a deep impact on organizational culture and education. He is an outcome-based leader with 30+ years of experience, combined with well-honed presentation and communication skills, results-oriented drive and pragmatic entrepreneurial attitude.  

He is the creator of the Imagination, Creativity and Innovation (ICI) Index™, an  algorithm  for measuring and improving business' imaginative capital, output and product innovation. Serving  as the executive director of Lincoln  Center Institute (NYC) from 1987 - 2012,  he  created the Imagination Conversations – civic dialogues that explored the role of imagination – that  reached more than  nine  million people worldwide through live streaming and social media.  

Since leaving the Institute, Scott  has been consulting with various organizations around the world. He co-founded Litróf Consulting LLC, an international  firm that assists organizations in developing cultures that foster innovation and add or embolden social good outcomes. Litróf's clients span professional sectors  including medicine, media, education and  philanthropy.  

Other important roles Scott spearheads include serving as board chair of Compass  Charter School as well as helping to start 12 schools  nationwide. He  is co-producer and  writer of international media company He is also  co-founder/creator of Gen's Backyard Tales, LLC and CeCe and Me, LLC, companies developing children's TV  and  media based on his ICI work. He recently created  and serves  as executive director for  OpenMed  Access, a  non-profit organization focused on  precision education  in medicine.  

Scott's  recent  talks/panels include BioData West (San Francisco),  Mt. Sinai Next Generation Healthcare (NYC), China Normal University  (Wuhan), GEMS Education (Dubai), Global Federation of Competitiveness Councils (Seoul), A.N.D. (London), UNESCO Conference Education (Seoul), Third Worldwide Meeting on Human Values (Mexico), Palmerino Cultural Association (Florence),  PBS Celebration( US), and Waycrosse (US).  

He is co-author of  Imagination First, which ranked  in the  top 1% of business books  (EBSCO). He is also co-editor  of  "Community  in the Making" and has chapters in numerous books including  "Breaking the  Mold of School Instruction”;  "Dear Maxine: Letters from the Unfinished Conversation”;  "Variations on a Blue  Guitar"; and "Dawn of the Akashic Age.”  Scott is currently  finishing a new book, titled  "Imagination and the New Marketplace. " 

Scott attended Ohio State University and has undergraduate and graduate degrees in education, cognition and information processing.  Before taking the position at Lincoln Center, he completed  Ph.D.  coursework  and was honorably discharged from the U.S. Air National Guard.  

Imagination First was co-authored by Scott Marshall Brandon, Eric Liu and Lincoln Center Institute, and was published by Jossey-Bass, an imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 


Diana is known for developing creative communications strategies and tactics. With 20 years of experience, she’s led marketing teams of writers and designers through successful advertising, communications and publicity projects in industries including tourism, fashion, and cameras and consumer electronics. She is also a published writer with bylined articles in technology, fashion and tourism.    

In 2003, Diana co-created a photography studio in Phoenix, Arizona and developed a social media strategy that made the studio internationally known within its first five years. The strategy also led the studio to become the first to offer free online photography and creative education. She is a sought-after commercial photographer of people and has published work in national and international publications as well as for a long list of well-known organizations and individuals. Diana’s experience in photography, video and production further enhance her skills as a well-rounded content strategist and creator.  


Our Story

Litróf was born in 2010 as an outlet to study creativity and aesthetic education. In 2016, Scott and Diana merged their shared passions and created Litróf Consulting. Together, they bring to organizations the business acumen and strategic planning that leads to successful, repeatable results.